Our Office Billing company can help you with the following: 

Insurances:  Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare 

3FTL "ForTheLove":   Workman's comp with various agencies and associations 

Private/Self Pay:   - Intake - $215.00.   50 Minute Sessions $200.00


 If your insurance is not listed above, please contact the office with questions regarding coverage.  I might be a "Non-Network" or "Out of Network"  provider.

 Non-Network Provider - may result in paying out of pocket. 

  Benefits of paying out of pocket: 

  • No mental health information on your permanent medical record.

  • No required diagnosis for the purpose of justifying "medical necessity," which is required by insurance.

  • You and I  make decisions on the frequency and length of treatment versus insurance determinations.

If you are interested in full or partial reimbursement for my services there may be ways you can still do this depending on your current coverage i.e. flexible spending account or health savings account. 

  Out of Network Provider: 

  • Check with your ​ insurance company regarding an  "out of network" provider.

  • Check Your  "Summary of Benefits" to learn more about what might be offered to you. You might see an "Out of Network Deductible" or a description of "Coinsurance." In both of these cases you may need to pay a portion or the full amount up front, and then submit a claim for your insurance to reimburse you fully or partially.  We can provide you with the  documentation for the claim (also known as a superbill). Be aware that this document will have some information about your treatment (such as a diagnosis) to justify medical necessity to your insurance.

Critical Incident Debrief/Training/Consulting

Contact me for the Following Fee Schedule for: 

  •  Emergency Response 

  •  Critical Incident Debrief and Training Video (annual    subscription)

  •  Training - InService

  •  Consulting

  •  Program Development



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