Critical Incident Debrief

Exposure to a critical incident is going to directly impact the central nervous system. Experiencing acute physiological and psychological changes after exposure to a traumatic event is normal and expected, and has nothing to do with your capabilities or level of fitness for this line of work. Understanding this process with education and tools to help manage and regulate the responses can increase awareness and reassurance, healthy coping skills, and prevent unhelpful and spiraling interpretations of what these responses indicate for the first responder. 

                   Annual Wellness Checks


 Debrief Training Video

Annual Subscription

A 30 minute educational and skills training video that can be viewed by an individual or a group following a critical incident (CI). 

Videos can be prepared based on the needs of the department. Standard training videos recommended would include: 1) CI debrief, 2) Dispatcher CI Debrief, 3) Spouse/Family CI Debrief.

Content would include psychoeducation on impact of CI on the brain/body, effective tools to help manage response to trauma exposure (taking a look at inner dialogue and behaviors following CI), unhealthy tools to limit/avoid during first few days following CI, signs/symptoms that may indicate further support is needed, etc. 

  This video debrief will: 

1) support first responders after a critical incident

2) Satisfy the responsibility of a department/agency following a critical incident

3) Assist in retention of first responders

4) Identify ongoing needs for an individual

5) Inform family members of expected responses

Contact me today to schedule an in person individual or group debrief  for your department and/or inquire about an annual subscription to the training video.