Organizational Consulting 

Program Development

Whether working with a small business or a large organization, taking care of the mental well-being of employees is vital. Organizational wellness and resiliency training can increase mental health awareness while providing tools to effectively manage the multiple stressors associated with work and home life. Protecting the mental wellness of leaders and employees has a direct impact on productivity and profits, can decrease absenteeism and the costs of work-related risk factors, and improve overall morale and conditions of the workplace environment. Wellness and resiliency training should be an integrated necessity of any organization. 

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Remote Consulting

The tools of technology has allowed for me to outreach multiple organizations and associations to provide consultation, presentations/trainings, and guidance remotely.  Benefits of this approach include the ability to connect with a large audience at the convenience of their locations and busy schedules, while also addressing questions and concerns of employees in an anonymous platform by allowing for Q&A that pertain to overall wellness and resiliency in

the workplace.

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